Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Tips for safe listening

Hi friends this article is about the tips for safe listening I hope this information is helpful for you.The rate of hearing impairment in teenagers is Approximately 30 percent higher than it was in the 1980s and 1990s.it was observed by who that notify that 1.1 billion teenagers and adults worldwide are in risk from hearing loss problem due to dangerous listening habits.That is unsafe at noisy place place like market,sports event,stadium without earplugs along with the unsafe use of head phone.we listening music while out for walk ,in the car ,at home,at the gym as well as while falling as sleep.

volume Level :

if you hear louder than 85 decibels can trigger permanent hearing loss you don't need to measure the level of sound in decibel when you listen music.you should keep your music player volume not more than 60 percent.Normal conversation register approximately 60 decibel so if you listening music you have to raise your voice when communicating to somebody,that's good that you should turn down the volume.

Selection of right headphone(Noise Canceling Headphone )

The reason of choosing right headphone is that most of us have a hard time keeping our MP3 player volume at under 60 percent of its maximum is a consequence of background noise. As environmental noise increases, like in a congested gym, we have to compensate by increasing the music volume.The solution to this one is the noise canceling headphone. if background noise is less then we can listen sound at high quality at less volume.Low-quality ear buds, alternatively, have the disadvantage of being more closely to your eardrum and being incapable of decreasing background noise.

Limit the time :

Hearing disability is not function of volume it is also a function of time. we previously recommend that your mp3 player volume at maximum 60 % another thing is that your listening time is under 60 minute a day at this volume.

How loud music leads to hearing loss

We already discussed that loud music can damage our ears and most of the people believe that our eardrum can't be rupture we are ok but in real vibrations are translated in to what our brain understand as sound take place behind the eardrum,in our inner ear.
There are various source of listening music like Smart phone,tablets, music player these devices can store thousand of songs.but as ear bud and headphone listening has become more popular.we have seen most of the cases of hearing loss caused by listening to excessively loud music.so you don't need to research much more if you realize problem than you need to talk with an audiologist for his hearing test
as well as they suggest you about some impractical listening tactics so you can get the most out of your portable player while protect your hearing .

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